Vuse Go Edition 5000

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Vuse GO Edition 5000 disposables vapes offer up to 5,000 puffs* in 20 mg/mL (1.8% w/w) nicotine strength. Experience convenience with the all new Vuse GO Edition 5000. Easy to use in two simple steps: open pack & vape. Now rechargeable to last you longer**. — Up to 5,000 puffs* *Based on laboratory testing and may vary depending on an individual’s usage behavior's. 

We are excited to announce our biggest launch yet. The new VUSE GO Edition 5000. Our first rechargeable disposable vape. The new VUSE GO Edition 5000 charges beyond norms of the category by introducing new innovative features that upgrade the familiar box format. While addressing key consumer needs such as liquid anxiety with see through liquid, puff count longevity, and a flavour experience that lasts.



  • FLAVOURS: Featuring a flavour range of 8 intense flavours with new taste sensations
  • PUFF COUNT: Puff activated - Up to 5,000 puffs
  • LIQUID: Easy-view liquid – ability to see your flavour
  • BATTERY: 560 mAh capacity with a rechargeable battery USB type-c + cable included