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POP vape pods are S-Compatible and available in a wide variety of new and exciting flavours. POP pods can be used with ALLO and STLTH vape devices and also with the original POP HIT device.

The POP HIT Pods device is built on the same re-chargeable closed pod platform as STLTH. The sleek and convenient POP device offers the flexibility of usage with POP Hybrid pods, STLTH pods, Allo Sync pods and all S-Compatible Pods. It has a long-lasting 420mAh battery.

POP Pods come in packs of 3 with 2mL pre-filled vape liquid in each pod. Pop Hybrids Pods combine nic salts with free base liquids for a highly satisfying 20mg throat hit. Available in a wide variety of mouth-watering flavours like Grape Rush, Tutti Frutti, Mystery Swirl and many more.


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