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Introducing Movel - X pods, the ultimate vaping solution for those who demand the best. With a focus on delivering a smooth puff experience, Movel - X pods are designed to provide you with a satisfying hit every time.

Featuring an advanced FEELM Air Ceramic atomizer, these pods offer unparalleled performance and locked-in flavor. The atomizer is specifically designed to ensure a consistent vaping experience and maximize the flavor of your e-liquids.

Movel - X pods are built to last, with super leakage-proof performance. You can enjoy your favorite e-liquids without worrying about leaks or spills, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.

Each pod has a generous capacity of 1.9ml, providing you with plenty of vaping time before needing a refill. The pods come in packs of 2, making it easy to stock up and always have a spare pod on hand.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, Movel - X pods offer the perfect balance of performance and convenience. So why wait? Experience the ultimate in vaping pleasure with Movel - X pods today!

Features: -
1. Smooth Puff Experience
2. Super leakage-proof performance
3. Locked-in flavour
4. Atomizer:- FEELM Air Ceramic
5. Capacity:- 1.9ml
6. 2 Pod cartridges pack