Level X Intense Series

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Brace yourself for an intensified vaping adventure like never before, the Level X Intense Series is out now!

Immerse yourself in the intense feel of Nicotine 50. With its advanced 20mg/mL formulation, this groundbreaking nicotine blend elevates the Level X Intense series to unmatched levels of intensity - making it the most potent addition to the Level X lineup to date.Snap the Intense Series pod into any Level X device and enjoy up to 7000 puffs of crystal-clear taste with a sweetness level of 3 out of 5.

Key Features of Level X Intense Pods: 

  • Amplified Nicotine Satisfaction: Immerse yourself in the intense feel of 50 NIC, ensuring a deeply satisfying vaping experience. 
  • Clear Taste: Enjoy a crystal-clear taste with every puff, enhancing the overall flavour profile. 
  • Generous Pod Capacity: With a massive capacity lasting up to 7000 puffs, Level X Intense Pod ensures an extended and satisfying vaping journey. 
  • Cross-Compatible with all Level X Batteries: Seamlessly compatible with all Level X batteries, allowing for versatile usage. 
  • Save with Reusable Battery Format: Take advantage of cost savings with the reusable battery format, contributing to a sustainable and economical vaping experience. 
  • Airflow Control: Effortlessly switch between high and low airflow settings with a simple twist, providing customization for every user. 
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece: Designed for comfort, the Level X Intense Pod features a mouthpiece that enhances the overall vaping experience. 
  • Sweetness Level: Experience an exceptionally sweet sensation with a sweetness level rated at 3 out of 5. 

Device Specifications: 

  • Coil: 1.0 Ohm Mesh coil  
  • Dimensions: 45*24*66 mm  
  • Liquid Volume: 14 mL 
  • Flavour Variety: 10 flavours at launch

Level X – Intense Series:

Intense Blueberry Lemon (Iced)
The delicate combination of wild blueberries and a citrus kick becomes irresistible when iced.

Intense Blue Razz (Iced)
Vibrant blue raspberries get engulfed in an icy breeze making this beloved flavour that much cooler.

Intense Flavourless
Astounding vapour surrounds your senses - all without flavour.

Intense Fruity Explosion (Iced)
A burst of fruity tang jolts your senses with immense flavour and an icy freshness.

Intense Juicy Peach (Iced)
Packed with juicy peaches to create a bright fruit splash with a fresh iced flavour.

Intense Red Apple (Iced)
Smashing tart red apple collides into an icy gust of cool crisp flavour.

Intense Ripe Mango (Iced)
Vibrant ripe mango surges with tropical flavour and a wave of much-needed cooling ice.

Intense Strawberry Watermelon (Iced)
Icy strawberry and crisp watermelon create a harmonious, balanced and fresh blend.

Intense White Grape (Iced)
A full vine of lush white grapes gets an icy chill for a crisp fresh flavour.

Intense White Mint (Iced)
Blasting with full force, this minty freshness will last all day to keep you cool.