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Apple Papi:  Fuji Apple

Blitz:  Watermelon

El Bacco: Robust Tobacco

Fresh Burst: Minty Freshness

Haka Punch: Tropical Pineapple Guava

Island Tings: Blueberry Lime 

Meloha: Strawberry Melon Banana

Melango: Melon Mango

Mucho Mang-0: Mango

Palm Crush: Grape Pomegranate

Purp Thang: Grape

Rippin Roll: Peach Dragon Fruit

Smoovie: Kiwi and Banana

Suave: Pineapple Kiwi Guava

Tobacco Mint: Rich Tobacco and Mint

Verry Berri: Raspberries and Blueberries

Wavyy: Apple Kiwi

Cocoberri: Coconut Blueberry

TROPIC FUSION: Pineapple Passion Fruit

Tobacco Mint : Mint + Tobacco

Kiwi Quest : Kiwi and juicy mango

Tropic raid : Papaya, Mango, Melon 

Cherry Code : Pineapple, Cherries 

Fresh burst : Minty Flavor 

Elbacco Max : bolder robust tobacco 

Verry Berri Max : Bolder flavor of Raspberry and Blueberry 

Mucho Mang-o Max : Bolder flavor of Juicy Mango 

Fresh Burst Max : Rich flavor of mint